Chuck Cropp

Meet Chuck Cropp, our August Spotlight Athlete of the month. Chuck is 36 years old and works at Four Rivers Special Education District as a Paraprofessional. Chuck is married to wife Heather for 4 years, and they have 3 children Blake 12, Cameron 9 and Remington 10 months old. Chuck needs no introduction to most of us as he has likely touched our lives at some point either at little league sports, or in school. Simply stated if you are cornered by Conor McGregor at one end of the ring, the person you want in your corner to cheer you up (before you get knocked out) is Chuck. Just like he does every morning in the gym. His enthusiasm to learn, scale workouts and especially stress over workouts the previous nights is what makes it fun for him. Congratulations, Chuck!

1. When did you start your fitness journey?

I started Crossfit in 2017 in preparation for my wedding. I didn't wanna be a slob on one of the most important days in my life. My wife was my inspiration as well. She was hitting the gym hard so I told myself I need to get into wedding shape.

2. What was your first WOD at Redbird or your favorite WOD?

I don't remember the first WOD but my favorite WOD would be Murph. I like the challenge of pushing myself through such an intense workout. I know some people who read this will think I'm nuts!

3. What do you do for a living?

I am a Paraprofessional at Four Rivers Special Education. I also work at Midwest Youth as a mentor in our Jay-pro program for at risks youth. I enjoy working with kids.

4. What are your favorite fitness movements and why?

I enjoy the push press, strict press. I feel like my strength is my upper body. So I really enjoy those.

5. What is your biggest accomplishment at the gym since joining Redbird?

Getting in the best shape of my life!

6. What’s something we don’t know about you?

I used to songwrite R&B music in Jr. High and High School.

7. What superpower would you want to possess and why?

I would say my superpower is the ability to make people laugh and cheer them up. I've always been really good about that.
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