Lindsay English

Lindsay English is married to Mike English and has 2 kids, Gage (6) and Gabbi (4). She can be found regularly at the gym on her lunch hour for the noon class. Lindsay is one of the original Redbirds who joined soon after the doors opened and has been with us ever since.

1. When did you start CrossFit?

I started Crossfit when the Y first offered its program. I had friends who did Crossfit at other facilities and was intrigued but was too intimidated by the thought of being the newcomer. I had no idea what WOD or AMRAP even meant and had never really use free weights for any kind of lifting. I had been a member at the Y for a long time and took their classes or used the treadmill/elliptical for the most part. When I heard it was opening, I knew I wanted to try it and soon after I was hooked. I love having a workout programmed so I don't have to think about what my exercise should be each day and just have to do whatever is on the board. The WOD variations keep me motivated and are never boring!

2. What was your first WOD at Redbird or your favorite WOD?

My first WOD at RB was a 21-15-9 WOD and if my memory serves it included, a 200m run to start, air squats, ring rows and one other skill. I remember thinking it was brutal and am pretty sure it took me 15 minutes to finish the first time I did it. We redid that same wod a year or so later and my time had been reduced by alot. I was amazed at how much change there was in just a short time.

3. What do you do for a living?

I'm a Business Analyst at DXC in Jacksonville and have been there almost 20 years!

4. What are your favorite CrossFit movements and why?

My favorite movement is handstand pushups! I took gymnastics when I was younger and years laters, that skillset is coming back to help me. I also like barbell movements with cleans and shoulder to overhead as my top choices. There really aren't many movements that I dislike but my least favorite skill is probably running and mainly because it gasses me and doesn't come naturally...although I will say that until I started Crossfit, I had probably not ran a mile since I was in school and soon after I started, I ran my first 5k and was able to do do without stopping. I'm far from a great runner but Crossfit has definitely improved my endurance.

5. What is your biggest accomplishment at the gym since joining RedBird?

I can honestly say that I'm in better shape and physically stronger now than I was 10 years ago and feel like that's a big accomplishment. I never dreamed I'd be doing pullups, lifting heavy weights and overall just trying to keep pace with all the youngin's in the gym at my age. I love the encouragement from my gymmates and coaches and when I see them doing things, it drives me to do more. They push me daily to be a better me and I love them for that! It's hitting a PR or bettering my time in a WOD and just the overall friendly competitiveness that makes me feel accomplished when I leave the gym.

6. What’s something we don’t know about you?

Some things people may not know about me are: I'm about to turn 43 yrs old in Feb (just wait for that birthday WOD!), I get super nervous before a competition, my favorite soda is a fountain coke, my eating habits are not the greatest...what can i say, I like fast food french fries! Oh, and I hate spending money!

Crossfit has become a passion and it's something I really enjoy. It's my 'me time', my stress reliever and I look forward to it every day! I've made some great friends through the gym and am thankful for that, they truly are my family!
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